Prenatal consultation

Preparing for breastfeeding while pregnant or expecting

You are getting ready for your new baby and have some concerns about whether you will be able to breastfeed. 

Also, you don't have any concerns about breastfeeding, please keep reading--Hear me out. 

Many parents plan on breastfeeding without giving it much thought.

They think that because breastfeeding is natural and how human beings have survived forever, that it will just come easily and naturally.

And for a few mothers, that is exactly what happens. But others are blindsided by this simple fact:

While your body automatically makes milk, you and your baby have to learn to breastfeed together. If you think about the hundreds of skills you have mastered, you might realize that the skill of breastfeeding means clumsy baby steps in learning and practicing, and you might need a coach to master it.

This hour-long private consult with a Donna Bruschi is a good way to prepare for your new baby so you’re not feeling sad & confused when breastfeeding goes off the rails.

We cover:

  • what causes sore nipples and how to avoid them
  • How to make enough milk, but not too much
  • How to latch your baby while they make seemingly random movements
  • Why it seems like your baby is still hungry right after they eat
  • Facts about skin to skin
  • Laid back breastfeeding
  • Beginning hand expression including colostrum harvesting
  • The truth about pumps, pillows & gadgets
  • Additional helpful resources
  • Referral to supportive health care providers as needed
  • Ample opportunity for questions and learning

A Prenatal Consultation is a time for us to check for potential challenges and risk factors and to provide guidance for known situations, like if you previously breastfed, or tried breastfeeding another child, or you know that you or your baby are at high risk for complications.

I will provide:

  1. Medical Intake for your medical history including general health, fertility journey, pregnancy, birth plan and breastfeeding goals
  2. Conversation about your goals, needs, mental health and family support in the first weeks after birth
  3. A healing space for previous births and newborn feeding experiences, especially if they were traumatic.
  4. Evaluation of breasts, nipples, and risks factors that may affect your experiences with breastfeeding
  5. Anticipatory guidance for healthy (non-traumatic) breastfeeding experiences.

Prenatal consultations allow you to establish care with Donna Bruschi, IBCLC. You can rest assured that no matter how breastfeeding goes down, or how many questions you have, answers are as close as your phone.


A Prenatal Consult guarantees you a prompt postpartum visit as early as your first day home.

Fees & insurance

Check insurance coverage here. The form in the link must be completed for insurance approval.

Pricing without insurance is $150 for a 60 minute consult.

You will receive a superbill to submit to insurance and many clients receive reimbursement back from the insurance company. Please check with your insurance company if you want to know the estimated amount.


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Ella B.

My son was born with a lip and tongue time, and even after his procedure, nursing was extremely painful. I would cry and clench my fists during every feeding, staring at the timer until 20 minutes were up so I could give myself permission to unlatch my son. Feeding him was a huge burden and caused me a great deal of anxiety because of how much it hurt.

I worked with Donna during the first few months of my son's life. I went from dreading nursing, to nursing on demand thanks to her support.

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