At-Breastfeeding & Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) Feeding

Learning how to use an at-breast supplemental nursing system (SNS) means more time breastfeeding, better milk production and a calmer baby.

90 minutes

This consultation is for parents interested in learning (or refining) at-breastfeeding techniques with an SNS or Lact-Aid. At-breastfeeding is for any parent (lactating or non-lactating) who wishes to nourish and bond with their baby through breastfeeding.

Some mothers and non-birth parents want to breastfeed but don't produce any, or enough, milk.

Supplemental nursing systems (SNS) provide milk from a bottle that flows through a tiny tube taped near the nipple of the at-breastfeeding adult. Your baby receives all the bonding, comfort and closeness of breastfeeding with a loved one while suckling their mother's own milk, donor milk or formula through the tube. SNS can be used in place of, or in addition to feeding with regular baby bottles.

Your situation may include:

  • Slow gaining baby
  • IGT/Hypoplasia/Low milk production/Low supply
  • Adoption & Surrogacy
  • Relactation
  • Lesbian co-mothers
  • Transgender parents
  • Post-mastectomy
  • Post breast cancer

Medela, Lactation Hub and Lact-Aid are several manufacturers of SNS and there are also DIY options.

1. You will learn the differences between the various at-breastfeeding systems.

2. You will be guided through at-breastfeeding your baby, practicing many times, so you feel comfortable.
3. You will learn how to obtain, safely prepare and store formula, breastmilk and/or donor breastmilk.
4. You will learn best practices for cleaning your supplemental nursing system and feeding supplies, and when sanitizing is necessary, and when it is not.

You will also learn:

• The importance of at-breastfeeding
• Why and when to use an at-breastfeeder
• How much breastmilk and/or formula your baby needs
• Gentle burping techniques
• Distinguishing between hunger and a need for comforting
• When, how, and why to use a pacifier

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Ella B.

My son was born with a lip and tongue time, and even after his procedure, nursing was extremely painful. I would cry and clench my fists during every feeding, staring at the timer until 20 minutes were up so I could give myself permission to unlatch my son. Feeding him was a huge burden and caused me a great deal of anxiety because of how much it hurt.

I worked with Donna during the first few months of my son's life. I went from dreading nursing, to nursing on demand thanks to her support.

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