New Baby Club

Join NBNP's New Baby Club for friendship, support and fun!

Meet local moms virtually and in-person. Find your kindred spirits and really enjoy being a mother of a new baby.  Many mothers feel isolated and have a hard time making friends when their babies are small.

We get that- we've been there and that's how we can help.

This brand new club is based on Donna Bruschi's 25 years of facilitating real live mothering groups and get-togethers doing all the things mothers and babies love to do.

a bunch of babies on a blanket
The New Baby Club is open to all mothers with new babies to 2 years of age.
Meet your host, Donna Bruschi

The New Baby Club is ready to Launch:

$29/ month $198/year
Launch members $19/month $198/Lifetime
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Ella B.

My son was born with a lip and tongue time, and even after his procedure, nursing was extremely painful. I would cry and clench my fists during every feeding, staring at the timer until 20 minutes were up so I could give myself permission to unlatch my son. Feeding him was a huge burden and caused me a great deal of anxiety because of how much it hurt.

I worked with Donna during the first few months of my son's life. I went from dreading nursing, to nursing on demand thanks to her support.

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