Beginning breastfeeding

Beginning Breastfeeding is a class is for pregnant couples and their families.

(If you have a newborn, text me at 845-750-4402 for immediate help.)


You may wonder why you need a class for breastfeeding? 

I developed this class to prepare parents for the early weeks when so many things happen that cause parents to quit. Breastfeeding is natural. It can also be frustrating to learn when you are tired from giving birth and sore. And babies don't always catch on right away. 

Get the best start when you're planning a hospital birth. 

If your baby is born on a holiday or weekend, you may find that you don't get any visit with the hospital lactation consultant. This comprehensive class covers beginning breastfeeding, how to get a good latch, how to make sure you have a good supply and how to know your baby is getting enough milk. 

  • Why it matters where you give birth
  • Harvesting colostrum
  • Skin-to-skin bonding, suckling and the SSB
  • How partners fit into breastfeeding
  • Hand expression
  • Selecting a breast pump and when to start pumping
  • Safe formula prep & bottle use
  • Pacifiers, best bottles for breastfeeding
  • Essential considerations for returning to work
  • The 5 warning signs that you NEED help, the 3 best places to get it, and why it's not the Internet.

This 2 hour class is $100 per family. Limit 3 families.
Partners & Grandparents are welcome & encouraged to attend at no extra charge.

This class is taught by Donna Bruschi, IBCLC, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, La Leche League Leader and owner of New Baby New Paltz. She breastfed her 3 children, including twins.

For questions, please call/text Donna at (845) 750-4402

Private in-home classes are also available for $250.

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Ella B.

My son was born with a lip and tongue time, and even after his procedure, nursing was extremely painful. I would cry and clench my fists during every feeding, staring at the timer until 20 minutes were up so I could give myself permission to unlatch my son. Feeding him was a huge burden and caused me a great deal of anxiety because of how much it hurt.

I worked with Donna during the first few months of my son's life. I went from dreading nursing, to nursing on demand thanks to her support.

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