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seated 2010 150Intentionally or accidentally, you became a mother. It rocked your world and redefined who you are.

You have fallen in love. HARD. And, it’s the hardest thing you have ever done. You're surprised at how much it hurts and how scared you are. Sadness, anxiety or anger wells up uncontrollably. Sometimes, you understand why you're sad or anxious. Other times, you are in an overwhelming, terrible, and lonely place and you feel as if you're the only one who has ever felt this way.

Nobody told you there would be days, weeks, and months like this. Or, maybe they did and you thought it wouldn't happen to you. Now, other mothers' appearances just about kill you. How can they be so perfect? They make it seem so easy with their diets, protocols, and schedules. Even if you try their methods, you don't get the same results, which leaves you feeling even worse!

You are mothering differently and in different times than your mother. You don't have a role model. You're giving it your best effort. But, along the way you've lost your confidence, your mojo, and maybe even your hope.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you have one baby or a houseful of children, you can be the mother you long to be.

If you’re new here, you may be wondering, "Is this for me?"

If what I am saying resonates with you, continue reading about ways to work with me including classes, social groups, live events, and one-on-one counseling.



There are many great reasons to breastfeed your baby or child. Just like pregnancy, your body knows what to do and starts lactating. Most of the time, breastfeeding goes easily, but if you have a problem, you may wonder, "Who do I call?"

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Your child is "one-of-a-kind"... and you are losing your mind.

You wouldn't wish your child on your worst enemy, or maybe you would. He is the "centerpiece" at family functions and usually not in a good way. You're desperate. There are days when you are driving to the grocery store alone and you wonder what would happen if you just kept driving...

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