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The following companies have agreed to provide insurance coverage for your lactation consultations. Coverage includes Telehealth, Office, and In-Home consultations. If your coverage is approved, you are guaranteed 2 visits. You may be eligible for more depending on your plan.

  • Anthem BCBS PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • United PPO (not all plans)

Here's how it works. 

Navigate to Lactation Network. (opens in a new window)

Request a lactation consultation

1. First, "Did a Lactation Consultant refer you?" Select YES, and you will be prompted to enter my name, Donna Bruschi.

3. Select the urgency of your need: Emergent, Urgent or Non-urgent. Immediate help is best for you, and best for your baby. It is my policy to see people same or next day, so please don't be shy.

3. Then, fill out your personal and insurance information, baby's personal and insurance information.

4. Check the box giving permission for Lactation Network to process your claim request.

That's it! Your claim will be processed quickly and easily, without you having to sit on the phone with your insurance company.

I give permission

Your plan may say they will cover more than two visits, but it is not a guarantee that your insurance company will actually pay. Lactation Network will attempt to bill your insurance for additional visits beyond two. If they are denied, they will appeal additional visits, but only one visit at a time.