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Topics include:

  • Be The Mom You Want To Be: You swore you would never be like your mom, but here she is. How can you find your own identity and be a great role model for your children?

  • Time Blocking: Raising children is a never ending flurry of necessary tasks. These proven strategies ensure you plan for chaos and downtime.

  • Team Building in the Modern Family: Bribery only goes so far and then you are a hostage. Build a foundation of life skills in your children with cooperation and willingness to help.

  • Loving Communication: Hear yourself through your child's ears. Learn how to communicate without judgement.

  • Crucial Conversations: There are five crucial conversations all parents need to have with each other about raising children. These are ongoing dialogues that are necessary to give children a stable homebase.

  • Mom-trepreneur Life: Business and babies do mix! Find your calling and make a living while raising your children.

  • Yes, You Can Have It All: Setting and achieving goals for your children and your life.

  • Finding Balance in Chaotic Times: When your life is in chaos, how can you stay centered, growing and happy?