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How many Sessions do I need?

It depends on what kind of problem you have. If you have a breastfeeding challenge, we will probably meet 1-3 times and talk on the phone in between. For mothering problems, some people have a session when they feel ungrounded, angry or sad; others have sessions on a weekly or monthly basis to support their needs and what they want in their life. It really depends on what you want.

It's hard to predict what you might need in the future. Once you identify and transform negative patterns you have right now, your self-healing process is activated. Some people find that one session is all they need. Other people like the continued improvement they feel from on-going sessions. I suggest you start and if you notice improvement – then you will know you are going in the right direction and can trust that it's helping you.

What processes do you use?

I use counseling processes, coaching, education, Focusing, Somatics, and Resonance Repatterning. When we work together, my role is to hold a space where you feel safe. This feeling of safety enables you to move into a new way of being. During a breastfeeding session, we focus more on counseling, education and coaching.

What happens in a session?

A session always starts with a conversation about what you want to accomplish. What happens during the session depends on what you are needing. A session, even a lactation consultation, can include modalities like breathing, meditation, movement, essential oils, energy contacts, and visualization processes which harmonize your body-mind system. Every session comes to a resolution. You are never left in the middle of an incomplete issue because the session time is up.

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a process that allows you to become aware of what is happening in your body. Your body knows and remembers more about situations than you allow yourself to aware of. For example, your body knows more about another person than you consciously know. Focusing allows you to understand the 'more' that has happened or is happening in any situation. From that understanding comes small steps toward resolving uncomfortable situations. Read more about Focusing.

What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning is a system that allows you to:

  • Identify and transform unconscious patterns that are getting in your way (the "buttons" your kids press)
  • Resonate with what you want in your life
  • Be yourself and act in an empowered and loving way

Resonance Repatterning draws from new physics and traditional medical systems of Ayurveda and Acupuncture. It helps you to understand that your thoughts, feelings, needs and physical symptoms exist as fields of vibrating frequencies.

The frequencies you resonate with determine what you experience. If you resonate with the frequency of humor, for example, that tends to be what you express and attract. If you resonate with the frequency of anger, then anger tends to be what you express and attract. This system gives you the tools to change your resonance so you naturally and easily resonate with higher energy states like Love and Joy.

Many healing traditions use these energy/frequency principles, including Chinese Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, both of which are integrated into the Resonance Repatterning system. The Resonance Repatterning system also uses 21st Century technologies from new physics, applied kinesiology and energy psychology. Read more about Resonance Repatterning.

What is Muscle Checking?

The Resonance Repatterning system, and many other complementary health care methods, use a binary (ON/OFF) muscle response to track exactly what our body-mind system needs for survival and well-being. Originally, the ON/OFF muscle response was a medical procedure used as a way to determine if nerve impulses were being received by a certain muscle. This procedure is still in use by some medical specialists and by physical therapists.

In the early 1970s, Chiropractors Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. John Thie made an important discovery. They observed that a strong ON response and a relaxed OFF response by a muscle could also be used as an indicator of excess and deficient energy flow in the acupuncture meridians. This was the start of a new field known as Applied Kinesiology and it led to the development of the complementary healthcare system known as Touch for Health. Other creative uses of Applied Kinesiology muscle checking have emerged over the last thirty years leading to the development of a number of kinesiology-based healthcare systems. The kinesthetic on/off response explains the phenomena described in Malcolm Gladwell's popular book "Blink".

The Resonance Repatterning Institute teaches Resonance Kinesiology - muscle checking - for two specific uses:

Resonance muscle checking identifies negative resonance patterns that stop us from achieving our goals, and to confirm that these patterns have been transformed at the end of the session.

Coherence muscle checking identifies the modalities required for transforming the negative resonance patterns and create coherence. This can lead to quantum change.

Many people express amazement when the muscle checking tool identifies life issues a practitioner could not have known about. A practitioner only checks what the client resonates with. I do not use muscle checking to measure if something is right or wrong or if something is true or false. For this reason, it is not used for prophecy, as a psychic tool, for medical diagnosis, or for confirming prescription drugs.

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