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Q & A at the beginning of today’s email was great!

I have to say that I enjoy your emails very much. I get so many emails and I'm really selective. Sometimes, I read them in detail and others I skim over them, and it’s always so reassuring that I don’t have to do anything.  It feels really supportive and freeing.  

I had no perceptions when I started. I get a sense that it is supporting an energy shift and a kind of a conscousness shift.
It gives me more insight into "how" when I read the process and I see that you work in concrete wording.

From being part of the "Start-Your-Week-with-Love-and-Joy" repatterning group, I get a positive message every week. That's one of the greatest benefits. It's refreshing to have that reassurance of positivity and support. There's so much negativity coming in and around us. I know it's there and I get the benefit. I like to know its always something positive, that I can access. It's cool it's a freebie.

Some of it is helpful reminders of stuff I've processed in the past. Good reminders of the mindset that I strive to maintain.

Thank you!


Morella Devost, EdM, MA