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Dear Donna,

I want you to know how much I enjoy the sessions with you.

There was the one session you did that actually brought me back to pre-child. My being at that moment felt really vulnerable. It was really cool even though I felt vulnerable, I liked that it happened.

The sessions are all part of my life.

In the session, a lot of things happen to me, a cumulative effect and I probably couldn't say that this happened or that happened, but it's part of my whole life. To pinpoint one thing would be conjecture. If I didn't think it helped, I wouldn't do it. Something good happens but I couldn't say what. I go a lot deeper. The sessions help. I keep coming back. I keep saying "Yeah!"

My friend Mary and I used to do Tam Yung healing--muscle testing to go back in time and see at what age things happened. It was pretty cool and enjoyable. I sort of related it to that, though maybe its not exactly the same.

A lot of things that happen in a session are really subtle and they have a cumulative effect. You don't have to know exactly what is going on. At least I don't.

I didn't know how adept you are at practicing Resonance Repatterning. Your intent and your belief in your practice is worth a lot. I like when "Donna" leaves the room and you go into that other state. I really enjoy when things are in that state. Once in a blue moon, I'll feel like I am the smallest particle in the universe. I am nothing and everything at the same time. That feeling is my favorite feeling. It's really cool being there.

Frank Mazzetti