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I came to Donna to get a better grasp on how I felt about jumping into the pool of motherhood. It had been something my husband and I have been discussing for years - he being completely ready to take the plunge, and me being very resistant, without completely understanding why. Counseling was something I had envisioned would help me, but I was having the hardest time finding a traditional psychotherapist I thought I'd be able to explain myself too. I didn't understand coherently what my "problem" was, so how could I begin to discuss it? Furthermore, how would discussing any of it change anything?

After meeting with Donna and learning about how she works using resonance repatterning, I signed up for a five week session. Over the course of these 5 weeks, without even having to try to make sense of my emotions, Donna was able to access the noncoherent roots of my resistance. I began to feel more confident and excited about the prospects of starting a family... I can't say that my thoughts themselves had changed much, but my gut feelings had.

I would definitely recommend seeing Donna if you're in a situation where something just doesn't feel right, or where you keep repeating the same unproductive patterns. She's comforting, understanding, funny and very talented.

I'm looking forward to bringing my babies to her sometime in the future!

Thanks again, truly!

Talk soon,


Danielle Sessa Cardella