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joyIf you want to be an amazing mother: happy and fulfilled; living a fun life with your kids; in a partnership where you are valued and rewarded; living a life that moves from one amazing moment to another, in a family that filled with love, happiness and play...

Then you're in the right place...And I am here to help you create that. 

I guide new parents in this love rollercoaster called parenting.

You love your baby and kids - impossible not to. And, you are frustrated, mystified and tired (aka exhausted), much of the time.

I help you be mindful of and respond your baby's or child's cues and be more knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate. I help you with breastfeeding, or not breastfeeding. I help you meet your baby's and your needs, and connect better with your partner, baby, parents and friends.

I teach practical skills.

Great communicators listen easefully and speak from their hearts in a clear, kind and generous way. They are approachable, accessible and set clear and healthy limits. 

Together, we expand on what you are already doing well. Your intuition and listening will improve. You will master saying what needs to be said at home and at work, with heart connection, empathy and kindness .

I help people who didn't get what they needed when they were babies and children. If your parents weren't able to model healthy parenting, you may struggle with setting boundaries and limits. You may feel disrespected by others. You probably feel lonely, afraid, anxious, angry or hopeless.

Guided coaching teaches you how to become aware of your anger, frustration, resentment, abandonment, isolation, fears and anxiety. It will reconnect you with your joy and confidence. 

Start with an initial assessment

We talk about what you would like to have happening in your life and what is happening now.  At the end of the assessment, you will be clear about what is holding you in place and keeping you from achieving what you want. You will leave with a step-by-step plan that will allow you to make the changes you want, whether you continue working with me or not. An assessment is 30 minutes. It is a $60 value, and for a limited time, I am offering it for free.

To schedule your assessment or ask a question: call me at (845) 750-4402

Or you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get back to you within 24 hours.