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Thank you for your generosity

Hello Donna,

Thank you for your generosity.  You are very gifted!  Something deep and monumental shifted for me today.  I’ll let you know how my life starts changing…

Joyful Blessings!

Anna Nash

This was so helpful for me today


This was so helpful for me today.  Thank you!  Just went through a two day miracle where a "problem" became a blessing.  I appreciate you and your work in the world!

Amy Robbins-Wilson

I don’t know how this is working

Hi Donna,

I don’t know how this is working, but I feel better these days.

Easier to be happy.

I would like help with my healing work gives me energy and abundance.
I am making art work that is healing, makes me happy and creates abundance.
I am at ease in my life, supported, loved and honored.


kate loye

This week's newsletter was pitch perfect


This week's newsletter was pitch perfect.

Somehow you know just what to say at just the right time.  We've been discussing how and when we want to start to transition our daughter to her own room.  I feel like I've read every book and listened to every advice out there but yours rings truest and we've been taking it day by day (or night by night). It's nice to have your thoughts reinforced, with "Hey, you've got the idea"!

Thanks so much!


I want to thank you for the wonderful sessions

Hi Donna,

Happy New Year!. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful sessions that you are doing, they make a big difference for me, very powerful. I wanted to do an intention this week regarding my practice -- I manifest a very successful, very abundant Resonance Repatterning practice, I attract the perfect clients who pay me my perfect rate.