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Q&A at the beginning of today’s email was great!


Q & A at the beginning of today’s email was great!

I have to say that I enjoy your emails very much. I get so many emails and I'm really selective. Sometimes, I read them in detail and others I skim over them, and it’s always so reassuring that I don’t have to do anything.  It feels really supportive and freeing.  

I had no perceptions when I started. I get a sense that it is supporting an energy shift and a kind of a conscousness shift.
It gives me more insight into "how" when I read the process and I see that you work in concrete wording.

From being part of the "Start-Your-Week-with-Love-and-Joy" repatterning group, I get a positive message every week. That's one of the greatest benefits. It's refreshing to have that reassurance of positivity and support. There's so much negativity coming in and around us. I know it's there and I get the benefit. I like to know its always something positive, that I can access. It's cool it's a freebie.

Some of it is helpful reminders of stuff I've processed in the past. Good reminders of the mindset that I strive to maintain.

Thank you!


Morella Devost, EdM, MA

I enjoy the the sessions with you

Dear Donna,

I want you to know how much I enjoy the sessions with you.

There was the one session you did that actually brought me back to pre-child. My being at that moment felt really vulnerable. It was really cool even though I felt vulnerable, I liked that it happened.

The sessions are all part of my life.

In the session, a lot of things happen to me, a cumulative effect and I probably couldn't say that this happened or that happened, but it's part of my whole life. To pinpoint one thing would be conjecture. If I didn't think it helped, I wouldn't do it. Something good happens but I couldn't say what. I go a lot deeper. The sessions help. I keep coming back. I keep saying "Yeah!"

My friend Mary and I used to do Tam Yung healing--muscle testing to go back in time and see at what age things happened. It was pretty cool and enjoyable. I sort of related it to that, though maybe its not exactly the same.

A lot of things that happen in a session are really subtle and they have a cumulative effect. You don't have to know exactly what is going on. At least I don't.

I didn't know how adept you are at practicing Resonance Repatterning. Your intent and your belief in your practice is worth a lot. I like when "Donna" leaves the room and you go into that other state. I really enjoy when things are in that state. Once in a blue moon, I'll feel like I am the smallest particle in the universe. I am nothing and everything at the same time. That feeling is my favorite feeling. It's really cool being there.

Frank Mazzetti

I just wanted to thank you for your continued service

Hi Donna,
I just wanted to thank you for your continued service to all of us.  You are such a blessing to the world and a godsend to me in particular.  Your repatternings always seem "right on," and the support of your work means a lot to me right now, as I have really been struggling with feelings of hopelessness connected to a long-term physical condition.
So, I hope you know what a difference you make, just being there and every week lessening our burdens a little more.
I just can't thank you enough.
Love from the bottom of my heart,

Kathy Darrow

Great newsletter this week, Donna

Great newsletter this week, Donna.

And helpful for me too as I hit a low point this weekend emotionally with my itty biz.

xo - Sarah Bush

Before I started the Start-Your-Week repatterning

Dear Donna,

Before I started the Start-Your-Week repatterning, I didn't really understand it. It sounded like you would send out a positive message every week with a different theme and would concentrate on a different message.

When I first started receiving it, I had more questions about it. As I continued receiving the weekly sessions, the purpose became more clear and I learned more about Resonance Repatterning and what that means. Now, I understand that if I have a problem or behaviour I don't like, I can change it. I like the affirmations! I tend to skim over the problems so I don't reinforce them and concentrate on the positive.

I like the "no pressure" and that you don't have to do anything with the weekly Positive Action, or you can. Its nice to know that its there. I'm getting a new perspective on life and behaviors and I handle things. It's nice to have that email to come back to, to read it, reply to it or reflect on it.

I've been inspired to write you several times. One time, it was about a change I wanted to make. I read your email and it helped me think about the next step beyond that. It was nice to write you and have it go to the next level. I liked that you responded and we had a dialogue there.

I actually really like the stories in the beginnning of the Start-Your-Week repatterning. They are really powerful. It really makes it a lot more personable. I can relate more to what you have doing in the session. I really like that. I would recommend this to someone who is open to spiritually exploring themselves more.

Johnna Dietz