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Becoming a mother means stepping into the uncharted territories of your heart.


Your heart says, “Yes!” And your imperfect self must follow.


Every situation highlights your flaws, and a choice: to grow up or give up.


For your child’s sake, you choose growth.

Sweeter sleep

crying baby pictureCrying it out obsesses you.

You can't get it off your mind... you keep hearing about this magic book or that miraculous system that promises to get your baby to sleep through the night. All you need to do is suck it up. You keep hearing about all these babies who magically sleep.

You don't believe your baby should cry and can't find anyone who gets what you are going through.

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High need, difficult, and spirited children

P221 ZP10099 SQYou wouldn't wish your child on your worst enemy, or maybe you would.

He is the "centerpiece" at family functions and usually not in a good way.

Nobody gets enough sleep. Transitions are a battle of wills. Your child argues and/or melts down regularly. She just pushes your buttons. You are constantly putting out fires. Mealtimes are a minefield. Your child probably has strong likes and dislikes, about food, clothing and situations. 

Being a mother is the hardest thing you have ever done.

If your sweet child is now an adolescent, you may have found yourself captain of a mutinous crew, wallowing in a sea of doubt. Or, you may have a teen making some bad choices leaving you with hard choices or "Tough Love." 

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