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P221 ZP10099 SQYou wouldn't wish your child on your worst enemy, or maybe you would. He is the "centerpiece" at family functions and usually not in a good way. You're desperate. There are days when you are driving to the grocery store alone and you wonder what would happen if you just kept driving...

You are worn out. Nobody gets enough sleep. Transitions are a battle of wills. Your child argues and melts down regularly. You are constantly putting out fires.

Mealtimes are a minefield. Your child probably has strong likes and dislikes, assuming he even eats.

You find yourself mothering differently from your mother and for that matter, most other mothers. You know from your own life where your own mother fell short and you don't want to make the same mistakes. So, you are giving it your best effort.

If your sweet child is now an adolescent, you may have found yourself captain of a mutinous crew, wallowing in a sea of doubt. Or, you may have a teen making some bad choices leaving you with hard choices and "Tough Love." Nothing in your experience has prepared you for this.

You are so tired of other mothers bragging. Their children SLEEP. Their children LOVE school. Their children have lots of friends, hit homeruns, make the honor roll, star in recitals and love vegetables. They rattle off their children's honors "1-2-3" leaving you numb and confused. Somehow, they don't have tantrums, medication, nor have an on-going relationship with the principal. "Difficult," "High Need," and "Special Needs" don't exist in their world. They make it seem so easy with their rules, protocols and schedules. How are they so perfect and pulled together?

Being a mother is the hardest thing you have ever done and the most rewarding. You know your child and love her fiercely. You refuse to compromise her unique gifts and qualities. You know your child is different and you try so hard to make his or her life easier. Your child loves you and responds to your love and care. In your heart, it seems like you are doing the right thing, but you are a mess! You feel like a servant. You're exhausted and you've lost your confidence. Balancing her needs and your sanity seems impossible.

While you receive plenty of advice, none of it seems to help. You are sick of explaining yourself. People tell you that you are spoiling your child. You are "setting him up for failure." You are out of touch with "The Real World." They think you are crazy. You don't have any role models or basis for comparison which leaves you feeling doubt filled, alone, punished, lost, ashamed, and most of all, exhausted.

You have created the ideal mother in your mind. And she is slowly driving you crazy.

You don't have to feel this way, at least not all the time. Whether you have a one baby or a houseful of children, you can feel happy and confident. You can be sure of your choices and lifestyle.

If you’re new here, you may be wondering, "Is this for me?"

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